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From the Founder of Inararibonye Advisors:

Social impact has been a core aspect of my personal and professional history. As the daughter of Burundian and Kenyan immigrants to the United States, my identity is not bound to a single place and is deeply tied into my work.

The name inararibonye came from a conversation with my mother about her school in Bujumbura that I managed for two years. After she explained that it means ‘those who have seen many things’ in Kirundi, she said it described my experiences before and after working in Burundi. This spans campaign advocacy, education policy, research, reproductive health, racial equity, and microfinance to name a few.

Through this work in and on behalf of communities across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America for more than 15 years, I’ve seen more overlap than differences in these varied sectors. I began Inararibonye Advisors in 2020 to apply what I’ve seen to help organizations facing complex problems in equally complicated contexts. Social impact solutions can’t be siloed to a single specialty. That’s why Inararibonye Advisors works with partners ensure our efforts are grounded in lived experience and centers those most affected by the work.

Contact me to learn about our research, strategic planning, program implementation, and knowledge-sharing support for non-profit, international development, and social benefit organizations.

Désirée Acholla

Principal | Social Impact Consultant

Burundi: Central Africa

About the inararibonye

In the small central African country of Burundi, women who help resolve community conflict with advice that is informed by their lived experience are called inararibonye in the national language, Kirundi. It means ‘those who have seen many things’ and reflects Désirée’s heritage and her social impact principles: centering the perspectives of those most affected by this work.

Inararibonye Advisors collaborates with a network of partners to bring a wide scope of lived and local experience to help globally-focused foundations, non-profits and other organizations achieve impact beyond theoretical or empirical approaches alone.


Cäcilia Hagenberg (Lilly) is the IDEAS Coordinator for Inararibonye Advisors and our initiative DecolonizeDevelopment.org.

She has worked as a translator for a German development organization as well as in Chile and Ghana. Lilly is head columnist for Beyond Borders with the Dutch magazine Rostra Economica.

Lilly Hagenberg

IDEAS Coordinator

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