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Social Impact Consulting

Under-resourced students, teachers, and administrators need holistic, tailored support to reach their full potential.

Workplaces are more intercultural and multinational than ever, which require dynamics of belonging at all levels.

The interrelated social determinants of health are cross-cutting issues for global and local stakeholders alike.

Stakeholders are restoring agency to the Global South with locally-led solutions and new paradigms of aid.



'those who have seen many things'

(n) origin: kirundi

In the hilly, central African country of Burundi, women who have unique and varied biographies are asked to help resolve conflict in their communities. They are known as ‘those who have seen many things’ –  inararibonye in the mother tongue, Kirundi. These women form respected advisory councils due to their ability to adjudicate disputes with nuance and diplomacy.

Most importantly, the inararibonye apply their rich experiences to solve difficult problems under principles of restorative justice. Here, reconciliation focuses on accountability and the participation of those most affected by the problem. Based on this concept from her Burundian parentage, Inararibonye Advisors was founded by Désirée Acholla as a social impact consulting practice in 2020. 

With more than 15 years of experience in Africa, Europe and the United States, Désirée provides tailored social impact support to philanthropic, international development, and non-profit organizations. Inararibonye Advisors works with a network of partners to bring a wide scope of lived experience and local perspectives to help unpack and resolve difficult problems beyond theoretical and empirical approaches alone.

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