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Global Education

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Désireé has supported teaching and learning across the Global South since 2010, now bringing this experience to Inararibonye Advisors.

She started in global education after overseeing the launch of a low-fee private school in Burundi and managed operations for nearly two years. She has since worked on education research, policy, advocacy, financing, and philanthropy with several global organizations and is on the board of Sustainable Education & Enterprise Development in Nigeria.

Her tuition fee analysis of more than 3,000 schools and original framework to categorize low-fee private schools was published as a background paper for UNESCO’s 2022/2023 Global Education Monitoring Report on non-state actors in education.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, access, & Social Justice (IDEAS)

Equity is at the center of social impact work and reflects the outcomes of diverse, inclusive, and accessible spaces. A social justice approach on this work may be necessary to ensure equity, focusing on the structures that cause inequities.

Inararibonye Advisors works with several partners so that IDEAS approaches are suitably tailored to each context. We provide equity support to non-profit and/or global entities that need specific tools for their diverse and diffuse mission-driven teams. Désirée has qualifications in cultural and ethnic diversity, equity, and inclusion from the University of Montana, the University of South Florida, and Cornell University.

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International Development

Désirée has managed projects, programs, research studies, impact investments, and foundation grants for enterprise development, mobile technology, and microfinance services across East and West Africa. Her work with foundations, multilateral institutions, development banks, and independent charities has focused on centering equity in global development initiatives. She also serves on the Program Committee for the Posner Center for International Development and as a Senior Fellow with the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies.

Additionally, in partnership with organizations, practitioners, and  ‘aid beneficiaries’ across the Global North and South, we are launching a project in response to calls for decolonizing the sector. DecolonizeDevelopment.org will contribute to the knowledge base on decolonial practice and thinking for the global aid sector.

Public Health

Désirée has contributed to qualitative research in medical anthropology on menstrual hygiene management and health-seeking behavior in Nepal and Uganda. She has also worked with U.S-based organizations that focus on sexual and reproductive health in marginalized communities, policies for healthy cities, and health education.

Inararibonye Advisors works with public health researchers, government officials, charitable foundations, and other organizations to co-develop a cohesive, comprehensive definition of health equity.

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